Towards a Digital Single Market

May 23, 2016

ISPAI supports the sentiment of the letter signed by the Irish Government Ministers and Government Ministers from 13 other EU Member States, calling for an “ambitious positive approach” from the EU institutions to achieve the Digital Single Market (DSM).

The letter is addressed to the Dutch Presidency of the EU Council, and comes as the European Commission prepares to announce several DSM initiatives this coming Wednesday. The Member State signatories advance positions on a number of policy areas of interest, such as:


*The EU should pursue a revised ePrivacy Directive which is consistent with the GDPR and repeals those elements that are no longer fit for purpose.

*The Telecoms Framework should remove all “unjustified requirements” to boost investment and promote competitive prices.

Platform regulation:

*There should be no one-size-fits-all regulation of the platform economy.

*The EU and Member States should first focus on the enforcement of existing rules and alternatives to regulation should be considered intensively.

*The EU should remove all barriers to the free flow of data across the Internal Market.


*Consumer protection rules should be harmonised and offline-online rules should be aligned.