Photo Report – Zero Tolerance to Child Sexual Abuse Online Event, 28th May

May 29, 2014


From the left: Oisin Byrne – Managing Director iReach Market Research, Paul Durrant – CEO of ISPAI and Manager of, Frances Fitzgerald T.D. Minister for Justice and Equality and Russell Chadwick – Executive Director INHOPE

Picture15Picture4Russell Chadwick and Harry Tseng, Ph.D. – Taipei Representative Office in Ireland

Picture2The event “Zero Tolerance to Child Sexual Abuse Online” was attended by Industry, representatives of the Office for Internet Safety, An Garda Síochána, INEX, ISPCC, Barnardos Ireland , CARI and other NGO’s, Facebook Ireland, opinion makers and members of the media.

Picture9Minister Fitzgerald pressing the key to make the digital version of ISPAI Annual Report 2013 available Online!


Picture10Minister for Justice and Equality Frances Fitzgerald T.D. giving her Opening Address

Picture8Picture14Paul Durrant, CEO of ISPAI and Manager of delivering the Executive Summary of the Annual Report covering January to December 2013

Picture16Russell Chadwick, Executive Director of INHOPE – International Association of Internet Hotlines talking about the international dimension of the work done by Internet Hotlines in tackling Child Sexual Abuse Material on the Internet

Picture13Oisin Byrne – Managing Director of iReach Market Research presenting the Key findings of a Nationwide Public Survey concerning Parental Attitudes to Children Online

“While 81% of parents are worried about their children giving personal data online, 28% of parents have rules for both online and mobile activities and an additional 12% for online activities only leaving 60% of parents having no rules for online or mobile phone activities. Many parents have admitted that while having rules for their children’s online and mobile activities; 25% can’t “keep up with them”.

The results of the Survey show that children in Ireland today are active on social media and with online data sharing using new tools unfamiliar to their parents. This is a matter of concern for the majority of the parents, however a minority regulate their children`s online and mobile activities.”




Press Release  – 28th May 2014


Child Sexual Abuse Material traced to servers in Ireland on the rise


On 28th May 2014 ISPAI Service made public its Annual Report covering January to December 2013 – An Analysis of Reported Illegal Content on the Internet – during the event “Zero Tolerance to Child Sexual Abuse Online”.

The opening address was delivered by Frances Fitzgerald T.D., Minister for Justice and Equality. On this occasion the Minister said “The work of contributes to the empowerment of citizens by providing a means to report Illegal material and in particular Child Sexual Abuse Content on the Internet and to have it dealt with appropriately. This report also reflects the international nature of the important work in this whole area.”

In its 14 years of activity ISPAI Service, received around 30,000 reports and up to 2009 there were no cases of Child Sexual Abuse Material (CSAM) traced to servers here in the Republic of Ireland.

In the four years 2009-2012 recorded 11 cases of CSAM however in 2013 alone there were 7 cases. This is the highest number so far in one year.

5 out of the 7 cases of Child Sexual Abuse Material traced to Ireland in 2013 were Cloud related. These cases of abuse affected one operator’s cloud servers here which are managed from the USA. While not a member of ISPAI, took action and succeeded, in cooperation with Law Enforcement Agencies, to have the content removed from the Internet.

The reality is that the situation is becoming more complex with the advent of Cloud services and the fact that these straddle jurisdictions, not just adjacent countries but around the globe. Even so Ireland has an excellent record in comparison to most other developed European countries.

According to Paul Durrant, CEO of ISPAI and Manager of, another trend identified thorough analysis of the assessments conducted by is that “paedophiles are constantly trying to find new ways to avoid detection. We are concerned that peer-to-peer services are increasingly being abused and I would like to use the opportunity to appeal to those using these services in a legitimate way to report, using the anonymous Service, if they encounter filenames suggesting or referring to images / videos of Child Sexual Abuse Material”.

Furthermore, throughout 2013 assessed as CSAM, under Irish Law, 128 Cases which were traced and forwarded to the appropriate jurisdiction for action. The top 3 countries to which forwarded CSAM reports for action and investigation were USA (48), The Netherlands (18) and Russia (16).

To capitalize on our national efforts where Illegal content is traced by ISPAI Service to outside the Irish jurisdiction, is a founding member of INHOPE – International Association of Internet Hotlines – this provides a network of Internet Hotlines which cooperate to swiftly exchange reports to have CSAM removed from the Internet.

The event was also attended by Russell Chadwick – Executive Director at INHOPE – who gave a presentation on International Cooperation between Internet Hotlines in combating CSAM and Oisin Byrne – Managing Director at iReach Market Research – who presented the key findings of a nationwide public survey concerning Parental Attitudes to Children Online.