Why Become an ISPAI Member

33 ISPs, one voice — ISPAI is the voice that represents you!

Regardless of the size of the company and brand awareness we all face the same issues and concerns.

Top 5 Benefits

  1. 1. The Emblem of Responsible Internet Businesses

    ISPAI is acknowledged by Government, Law enforcement, Industry and many NGOs as the organisation representing the providers of facilities that enable the Internet to function in Ireland. Furthermore, the ISPAI emblem denotes best practices, participation in self-regulation and adherence to the ISPAI Code of Practice and Ethics, which is recognised as a role model in Europe.

  2. 2. Expertise and Support

    ISPAI is the voice that represents you! The ISPAI Secretariat has been offering support to Industry for over 18 years, be it access to information on practical/Industry issues, on how to deal with difficult policy questions, combined action on issues of common interest, furthering national initiatives at EU level or by bringing experts together in Working Groups in order to develop specific policy. Moreover, ISPAI has MoU(s) in place with various bodies, such as the Data Retention MoU, to promote efficient procedures and standards of co-operation between the State and our Members.

  3. 3. Shaping Public Policy

    ISPAI is a strong advocate of Industry self-regulation, and campaigns against unnecessary regulation that may hinder the positive development of the Internet Industry. It provides opportunities for Members to convey their company’s concerns to Government officials and parliamentarians.

  4. 4. Benefitting from EuroISPA’s Wealth of Expertise

    ISPAI is a constituent of the European Internet Service Providers Association giving members direct reach to the heart of where all Internet and related legislation is being developed. The co-decision procedures, ratified since December 2009, means a coordinated approach is required to engage with legislators at both national and EU level. The coordination of EuroISPA and national ISPAs activities empowers Members to address practical Industry and EU related legislative issues and benefit from shared expert analysis and recommendation, have a voice in developing policy and formulate Industry positions on the latest emerging challenges.

    ISPAI benefits from EuroISPA’s expertise but also actively contributes on all avenues: Cybercrime and Security, Data Protection and Privacy, Innovation and Growth, Intermediary Liability, International Affairs and Safer Internet Committees. Furthermore, ISPAI is co-Chair of EuroISPA’s Safer Internet Committee.

  5. 5. Notice & Takedown System

    ISPAI runs Hotline.ie Service which provides an anonymous facility for Internet Users to report suspected illegal content, particularly Child Sexual Abuse Material, in a secure and confidential way.
    The Notice & Takedown (NTD) system provides ISPs with the mechanism to comply with “mere conduit” exemption from liability given under 2000-31-EC “eCommerce Directive”. The Hotline is needed especially for assessing and issuing notice for confirmed Child Sexual Abuse Material, as legislation makes it illegal for such content to be accessed and assessed by ISPs themselves, while Hotline.ie is covered by special agreement with Government and Gardaí to undertake this in a controlled shared service for the benefit of the ISP Industry. If an ISPAI Member ISP receives notification for Takedown from Hotline.ie, it shall swiftly take appropriate measure, to take the content down from the public Internet while preserving evidence for police investigation.
    As an ISPAI Member you will automatically become a supporter of Hotline.ie. ISPAI will promote your brand as a responsible provider committed to combating online criminal content and highlight your role in our successful self-regulatory and partnership approach to Government, policy developers and key influencers.