Quick Notes

The Internet Service Providers’ Association of Ireland (ISPAI) is registered as a not-for-profit company limited by guarantee of its members, under Company Number 285632.

The Association is funded by subscriptions of its members. The funding model is developed through a budgetary process. The Association identifies the required expenditure for the following financial year. These total costs are then funded by the membership subscriptions and via the EU part-funding of Hotline.ie Service. Many of the founding members of the Association operate large Internet organisations and this is reflected in the level of membership fees which are levied on these organisations.

Each member of the ISPAI nominates one representative to attend the board meetings held on a regular basis and to participate in the e-mail list. Each member also makes a commitment to adopt the ISPAI Code of Practice and Ethics and to support the work of Hotline.ie.

Also, in accordance with the Code of Practice and Ethics, each member, regardless of the type of Membership Plan, must include on its website, at least, the Hotline.ie logo with an active link to www.hotline.ie. ISPAI recommends that the display of the Hotline.ie logo be made on an Internet safety page or similar references one might have on the website.

Each member usually has one vote and can have a representative stand for election as a Director. Currently the ISPAI can have up to seven Directors.