Internet Service Providers' Association of Ireland

The voice of the Online Industry in Ireland

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To apply for ISPAI membership:

The ISPAI membership runs annually and it is automatically renewed each year unless advised otherwise. Upon receipt of a completed Application by ISPAI an acknowledgment will be issued. The application will be then submitted to the ISPAI Board of Directors for consideration. Acceptance of membership is at the discretion of the ISPAI Board of Directors. Once approved an email inclusive of Membership fee invoice will be issued. Upon receipt of payment ISPAI will send a confirmation email and other relevant details.

Please note that if your organisation chooses to join ISPAI by submitting a Memberships application form you fully consent to ISPAI using any personal information provided for the purpose of: processing your application; registration as ISPAI member; compliance with the ISPAI Code of Practice and Ethics; maintenance of mailing lists; delivery of services/communication in respect of your Membership.

For any further information or assistance in respect of ISPAI Membership please do not hesitate to contact the ISPAI team at +353 (0)1 294 5280. Thank you!