Let’s Create a Better internet Together #SID2015 #UP2US

February 10, 2015

“The prevention of abuse of children requires active monitoring and vigilance. This is the business of everyone in society. It cannot be dealt with alone by internet providers or parents or NGOs or schools – it is a whole of society issue. It is about everyone being vigilant, everybody taking responsibility. It takes the whole of society in partnership to make sure that we keep children safe”. (Minister for Justice and Equality, Frances Fitzgerald T.D)

ISPAI works in partnership with Industry, An Garda Síochána, the Department of Justice and Equality, Webwise, ISPCC, NPC and other stakeholders to create a better Internet.

ISPAI members fund Hotline.ie Service so that Irish Internet Users who accidentally encounter suspected illegal content, particularly Online Child Sexual Abuse Material (CSAM), when using the Internet can report it anonymously and bring it to Industry’s attention when otherwise it would remain unknown.

When Hotline Analysts confirm CSAM on a member’s network, they notify the ISP and Gardaí who move swiftly to remove these images and initiate police investigation.

Mostly CSAM reported to ISPAI Hotline.ie is traced to overseas hosts but the Hotline does not “drop the ball”. Being part of INHOPE – the international network of hotlines – allows reports to be rapidly relayed to other jurisdictions so similar take-down and police action can be taken there.

Hotline.ie is integral to national and international efforts to act against the distribution of Online CSAM. However, Industry action is only part of the solution, parents must play their part talking to their children and explaining about their own responsibility to protect themselves online by not posting images or videos that are likely to draw the attention of the wrong people.

Furthermore ISPAI along with Webwise, ISPCC and NPC are part of the Safer Internet Initiative in Ireland, which is overseen by the Department of Justice and Equality – Office for Internet Safety. Each partner provides complementary services to members of the public from awareness functions and activities which serve as prevention measures, helpline activities (support and counselling) for both children and parents, to Hotline.ie which provides an anonymous reporting system where the public can report suspected illegal content.

On #SID2015 ISPAI and its Members are reinforcing the commitment to fight against criminal misuse of the Internet.

In the spirit of working together INHOPE, ISPAI and other 50 Internet Hotlines worldwide launched a video campaign to raise awareness and encourage Internet Users to report suspected illegal content, as each report matters!

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