ISPAI Welcomes Google’s New Play Music Store to the Irish Online Marketplace

April 11, 2013

On foot of the announcement of their arrival yesterday, the ISPAI are delighted to welcome Google’s new Play Music Store to the Irish market. Coming in the wake of advice by the European Commission regarding multi-territory licensing: consumer choice is now greater than ever in the legal music download and streaming space and we’re glad that Ireland has joined the ranks of the 18 countries worldwide, where Google Play Music Store is on offer.

Greater competition is also required in other areas of the digital content sector and we hope that other services will soon be rolled out here such as they have been in the US and Britain, where users can access the full range of books, movies, tv shows, music and apps on Google’s Play Store.

Google’s Play Music Store will compete with Apple’s iTunes Store, Eircom’s Music Hub and Spotify and hopes to capture a large share of the Irish market through its innovative approach, such as allowing users of its social network Google+ to ‘social share’ songs purchased through the Music Store with each other in a try-before-you-buy offering.

The service will be delivered through an App on Android smartphones and on the web and iOS devices through – further strengthening the upward trend in the recovery of the music industry through the provision of more customer choice and value in legal downloading and streaming. Google’s Chrome will act as a ‘music locker’ allowing users to access their digital collection wherever they are signed into the browser.

It has been estimated that the Android OS developed by Google has over 70% of the smartphone OS market worldwide[1] and the provision of this new service will help ensure that recording artists can profit from their work and that illegal downloading and streaming of music will be seen as a less attractive option and an inferior product by consumers.

Independent new and upcoming artists will also be able to feature their work on the Play Music Store for sale on ‘Artist Hub’. Increased global digital album sales of 23% in 2011[2] is indicative of a music industry recovery through better delivery and user experience made possible by legal digital content providers such as Google’s Play Music Store.

[2] Source: Nielsen SoundScan, Official Charts Company/BPI, GfK and IFPI estimate.