ISPAI Warns Web Users of Latest Scams

May 14, 2012

Spamming Fake Hotel Reservation Receipts

Under a long standing agreement with Government, ISPAI runs which provides a confidential service for the public to report illegal content (such as web sites containing images of child sexual abuse or incitement to hatred) so swift action may be taken.While does not specifically deal with spam, it does accept reports of financial scams exploiting our members’ hosting or email services. However, most reports of scams received come from outside the country and, other than warning people to be vigilant, as we are doing in this case, little can be done by ISPs to prevent these.

Over the last month or so, one particular scam has drawn our attention because it’s exploiting that the summer holiday season is approaching and many are booking hotels online.

Criminals are spamming fake hotel reservation receipts which have a booking confirmation attachment. There are a number of variants of the text but opening the confirmation installs Trojan malware of various types.

ISPAI stresses online booking of hotels and holidays through reputable companies is safe and secure. The cybercriminals are relying on the probability that some of their scam emails will reach people who have booked hotels within the last day and who will reactively just click through to print their confirmation.

ISPAI recommends that you ensure your anti-virus software is always up-to-date and double check before opening an e-mail attachment or following a link in unsolicited email.