The Code of Practice and Ethics for Internet Service Providers

The Code of Practice and Ethics outlines the self-regulatory environment that the Irish Internet Industry has committed to and is a mark of assurance to a high quality of service from all Internet Service Providers.

The Code mandates the development of acceptable use policies (AUPs) for participating ISPs which clearly set out guidelines for customers/users, including prohibitions on customers using ISP service to create, host, transmit material which is unlawful / libellous / abusive / offensive / vulgar / obscene / calculated to cause unreasonable offence.

The Code governs the conduct of ISPAI’s Members. The application of the Code of Practice and Ethics is uniform and applicable to all of ISPAI’s Members without modification or exception. ISPAI’s Board of Directors administers the Code of Practice and Ethics.

The Code may be amended from time to time by 75% majority vote of Full Members of ISPAI. The Code mandates ISPs to maintain effective relationship with by ensuring appropriate communication structures are in place and they fully comply with directions/requests for take-downs/ assistance from Hotline/Gardai.

The Code also sets out clear procedures for dealing with complaints regarding third party content, illegal material and harmful material.