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Code of Practice

What does the ISPAI Code of Practice and Ethics actually do?

  • Provisions for the Notice and Takedown mechanism – the process through which Child Sexual Abuse images/videos are removed from the Internet, while preserving the forensic evidence for Law Enforcement investigation.
  • Mandates member Internet companies to maintain efficient and effective standards of co-operation with Service and comply with takedown notice by / An Garda Síochána.
  • Mandates participating Internet companies to ensure that their services and promotional materials will not contain material that is illegal, misleading, likely to incite violence or cruelty, racial hatred, prejudice, discrimination, etc.
  • Mandates the development of acceptable use policies (AUPs) for participating Internet companies to clearly set out guidelines for customers/users; for example on the misuse of service to create, host, transmit material which is unlawful, libellous, abusive, offensive, vulgar, obscene etc.
  • Supports end-user empowerment policies.
  • Mandates member companies to use their best endeavours to adopt Industry best practice in respect of Online Safety & Security; and provide their users and customers with information, guidance, or by making available technical solutions to protect themselves and their devices online.

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ISPAI members’ allegiance to the Code and support of means that consumers can view the ISPAI and logos on the member’s website(s) – a mark of commitment to responsible Internet business practice and online child protection. The Code applies uniformly to all ISPAI members. ISPAI’s Board of Directors administers the Code of Practice and Ethics. The Code may be amended from time to time by 75% majority vote of ISPAI Members.