EU Parliament INTA Committee Rejects ACTA

June 21, 2012

No parliamentary groups proposed that INTA (the International Trade Committee of the European Parliament) should adopt ACTA with its current wording relating to online copyright infringement. An amendment was proposed to suspend the vote but this was rejected. The final vote was on the recommendation by the rapporteur for rejection of ACTA and this was carried 19 votes to 12 with no abstentions.

Click here to view a two minute EuroparlTV report summarising the arguments for and against ACTA.

Click here to view a video of the vote. (Jump to time 11:28:00).

On July 4th ACTA will go to the plenary vote of the Parliament where the recommendations of committees are usually followed. If the Parliament rejects ACTA, the earlier signing of this trade agreement by member states will be annulled.