February 5, 2014

Personal Information….it’s not called Personal for nothing!

The thought of the day was inspired by two public campaigns. One campaign originated in the USA during the Second World War as part of the US Office of War Information’s attempt to limit the possibility of people involuntarily giving useful information to enemy spies.

The second one originated in Belgium, in 2012, as part of Febelfin’s Safe Internet Banking Program, aiming at raising awareness among people and encouraging them to be careful what information they put online about themselves.

Despite the fact that one campaign ran during the WWII and the other in 2012, both campaigns show that information is power and that it could be used in your detriment in ways you’d never imagine.

One should bear in mind that there is no such thing as small pieces of Personal Information, as they can be pieced together to build a bigger picture. Once the information is out, it’s no longer under one’s control…so one could never be too cautious when it comes to one’s Personal Information!

Collage of posters used during the Second World War

WW2 Campaign


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