Safer Internet Day 2014: “Let’s Create a Better Internet Together!”

November 18, 2013


Tuesday, 11th of February 2014 will mark the 11th Edition of the Safer Internet Day. The 2014 Edition is being organised with the support of the European Commission, by the European Internet Safety Network (INSAFE) in partnership with the International Association of Internet Hotlines (INHOPE).

The Internet Service Providers’ Association of Ireland supports the aim of the Safer Internet Day (more…)

Amendments to Dangerous Goods Regulations have been Rejected *UPDATE

October 31, 2013

  • Importantly, an amendment that sought to include online sales platforms as economic operators that have among others, the obligation to ensure goods comply with standards and regulations before they are made available on the market, was rejected (this would have also included an obligation to recall non-compliant products from the market, and destroy them). (more…)

The Irish Cyber-bullying Law Conference 2013

October 18, 2013


The Irish Cyber-bullying Law Conference took place on 17th of October 2013, in Dublin and it focused on the legal challenges associated with Online Bullying.

The Conference brought together experts on Cyber-bullying, Barristers, Law Professors, Information and Communications Technology (ICT) Specialists, representatives of the Irish Academic Institutions, representatives of the Internet Industry (more…)

Amendments Hijacking Dangerous Goods Regulations Raise Serious Online Rights Concerns

October 4, 2013


New EU regualtions, which if passed will be immediately imposed across all 28 member states, are designed to improve and streamline the system to ensure that consumers are protected from unsafe physical products turning up on store shelves. A very worthy objective.

However, recent amendments have been tabled at the committee stage to make these rules apply to online services. The tentacles of intellectual property (more…)

Press Release – Issue of Default Blocking of Pornographic Websites

July 26, 2013


Irish ISPs provide infrastructure that allows users to access the unimaginably vast and diverse content that companies and people anywhere in the world choose to make available on the Internet.

As commercial companies it is not appropriate that ISPs should decide what content the citizens of Ireland should or should not be able to find on the Internet. (more…)