In support of the 11th Edition of Safer Internet Day

February 4, 2014


In support of the 11th Edition of the Safer Internet Day which will be celebrated worldwide on 11th of February 2014 – Internet Service Providers’ Association of Ireland is launching today “THINK FAST. THINK SMART. THINK eSAFE.” Online Campaign. (more…)

T.D.’s ill-conceived calls to suppress access to legitimate services will not stop cybercrime

January 17, 2014

ISPAI is rather dismayed and somewhat confused by the recent press release issued by Deputy Patrick O’Donovan (FG). He appears to be asking the Oireachtas Communications Committee (of which he is a member) to investigate: “the matter of tougher controls on the use of open source internet browsers and payment systems”  which he claims “allow users to remain anonymous for illegal trade of drugs weapons and pornography.”[1]

Deputy O’Donovan would do well to ask the advice of industry experts on these matters given that legislating to curtail the use of such legitimate software or services, which may be misused by some, is neither practical nor logical. (more…)