Irish Wireless RADWIN Conference and Expo

March 31, 2011


The ISPAI is delighted to co-sponsor the first Irish Wireless Conference and Exhibition. The Conference & Expo is exclusive to the Irish Wireless industry and provides an excellent opportunity to bring together professionals from all aspects of the trade. Throughout the day, there will be a continuous showcase of developments in the Internet industry via a rolling schedule of speakers and presentations. (more…)

ISPAI Shocked by Rumours of Rushed Copyright Statutory Instrument to be Made Law Before this Government is Dissolved

February 23, 2011


ISPAI was contacted by national press today regarding information received from a Government source that an urgent statutory instrument was near completion to amend the Copyright Law and pass this before the Government was dissolved. Requried, they were told, to ensure Ireland would be in compliance with European legislative requirements identified by last year’s case taken by recording companies (more…)

Retention of Data Bill 2009 *UPDATE

January 28, 2011


The Communications (Retention of Data) Bill 2009, was signed into law by the President on the 26th Jan. 2011, being renamed the “Communications (Retention of Data) Act 2011 (No 3 of 2011)”. ISPs providing Internet services to the public are now obliged to retain certain data, as set out in the Act, identifying the occurrence of a communication (but not about the content of the communication itself). This must be done for every user, (more…)

Retention of Data Bill 2009 *UPDATE

January 20, 2011


ISPAI regrets that the Communications (Retention of Data) Bill 2009, with its current text, was passed in the Seanad yesterday despite the trojan efforts of non-government Senators who argued the amendments (which were defeated) aimed at giving greater clarity to the legislation and particularly to minimise its potential to put Ireland at a cost disadvantage to our EU neighbours for Internet based business