ISPAI Welcomes Minister Hanafin’s Clarification on Copyright Amendment Proposals


The ISPAI was very pleased to read the assurance given by Mary Hanafin, Minister for Enterprise, Trade and Innovation, that she will not be signing any Statutory Instrument to amend Copyright laws in advance of the next Dáil. We particularly welcome that she emphasised the need for full consultation prior to amendments being drafted and her expectation of that taking place when the Department and the new Minister have a clearer view of the best way forward on this issue.

ISPAI wishes to reiterate that it does not condone the use of member’s Internet services by users to obtain unauthorised copies of copyrighted works. We recognise that laws must be reviewed to meet the demands of an evolving technological society but the complexities demand that the economic impact of proposed amendments are carefully weighed up through full consultation of all affected parties.

The ISPAI looks forward to the opportunity of working with the Minster of the newly elected government and their officials in the Department on this matter. Finding a constructive way forward, in line with the application of Directives by other European Union member states, is essential for Ireland to keep an environment conducive to the growth of employment within the Internet-based “knowledge economy”.