ISPAI Welcomes Civil Society Information Society Advisory Council Stance on OECD Proposals

July 4, 2011


The OECD published its proposal (link here) on Principles for Internet Policy-Making in Paris on Wednesday the 28th June which the Civil Society Information Society Advisory Council (CSISAC) refused to sign due to a number of concerns, particularly relating to the roles and responsibilities of Internet intermediaries.

CSISAC expressed the opinion that several of the proposals were not in line with their “core values including respect for fundamental human rights and freedoms and, the rule of law, promotion of access to knowledge, promotion of open standards, Net Neutrality and balanced intellectual property policies and regimes.” (link here)

CSISAC declared that intermediaries should not be required to assist rights holders in reducing illegal content as suggested by the Communiqué. Neither should they be required to determine the legality of the content on their networks as they are “neither competent nor appropriate parties to do so”. ISPs are “mere conduits” and “no text should undermine, or condition, existing limitations of liability for such entities upon the satisfaction of positive obligations to take particular actions”.