ISPAI Reaction to NNI Assertions on Link Charges

February 20, 2013

Recently National Newspapers Ireland has made a statement “clarifying” their submission to the Copyright Review Committee Consultation. In this, they reiterate their assertion that payments ought to be made to a newspaper when another commercial entity provides links on their website to that paper’s online content.

ISPAI holds that links are fundamental to the working of the web. No commercial impediment should exist to their use. They merely provide a direction to the original content. They do not reproduce content. Therefore copyright licence fees cannot be expected for providing this public information. NNI’s claim has attracted very negative comment from abroad which does not help Ireland’s efforts to promote itself as a good place to do digital business.

We feel so strongly about this issue that we have written to the Minister of Jobs, Enterprise & Innovation, who is responsible for the review of Irish copyright law with copies to relevant ministerial colleagues.

The letter is available here
The response from the Minister’s office is available here


Note: Initially published on 30th of Jan 2013 and updated on the 20th of Feb 2013