Internet Safety Talk – Mercy College, Coolock

December 6, 2013


The Internet Service Providers’ Association of Ireland was invited by Mercy College Coolock, to give a Talk to 20 transition year students as part of their 2013 Young Social Innovators Program. The students chose Internet Safety as an explorative subject because they felt the need to raise awareness among young people on Internet Safety issues.

The Internet Safety Talk given by ISPAI, on 6th of November 2013, opened by placing the complex nature of the Internet in context, providing a wealth of positive opportunities but also presenting some dangers . So the first item on the Agenda was the Safer Internet Ireland Project – the way it works, parties involved (awareness node, hotline, helpline), responsibilities, areas of expertise, online resources for further references and the role the Industry plays.

Then, to build the premises on which to address Digital Reputation the ISPAI Speakers had an interactive debate with the students on what the Internet is and how to identify the type of Internet User one is.

The Speakers chose to focus the discussion on Digital Reputation because the necessary steps to follow towards a Good Digital Reputation, could help deal with other current downside issues of the Internet as, but not limited to, Cyber-bullying, Trolling, Unwanted Contact, Offensive Content, Identity Theft.

ISPAI considers that it’s important to educate on Digital Reputation and Responsibility as they are fundamental aspects in building a successful model of Digital Citizen and a Safer Online Environment.

Given the audience, the Talk was designed to be interactive, to offer information, guidance and to raise further questions to which students could answer as a practical exercise during their Internet Safety Week.

The feedback received by ISPAI following the Internet Safety Talk was encouraging and we would like to applaud the initiative of the Mercy College Coolock and the seriousness with which the students involved in the Program prepared for their Internet Safety Awareness Week.

The Mercy College Internet Safety Awareness Week unfolded between 18th and 22nd of November 2013.

The 20 transition year students, that attended the Internet Safety Talk given by ISPAI, under the guidance of their teacher, organized the activities for their Internet Safety Awareness Week.

This is what actually happened during the Mercy College Internet Safety Awareness Week:

*** the rest of the students in the school were asked to complete questionnaire on Internet Safety

*** a poster campaign, scavenger hunt and a number of competitions like the best motto, poem and superhero, were conducted

*** throughout the week Internet Safety messages were broadcast each morning through the school’s Intercom

*** a presentation was given to each year group during school assemblies

*** the rest of the students were encouraged to make comments on the  “thoughts board” about cyberbullying and other issues related to  Internet usage


The key messages the students chose to publicize during their Awareness Week:

Be responsible online

Keep your passwords safe

Keep your antivirus software up to date

Think before you post

Put your facebook page on private

Be wary of befriending someone you don’t know

Always log out properly

on CYBERBULLYING – Don’t reply to the message / Keep the message / Tell somebody / Block the sender / Report the problem

All online messages can be traced to a PC and can always always be found even if deleted – Don’t send a message that you’re not prepared to say to someone face to face




Once again congratulations Mercy College, Coolock!