Industry Recommendations to EU Spanish Presidency “Digital Europe Strategy”


MADRID: On January 18th EuroISPA together with its partner trade associations presented the European Information and Communication Technology (ICT) Industry Recommendations for a “Digital Europe Strategy” to the Spanish Presidency of the European Union.


Information and Communications Technologies (ICTs) will play a key role in Europe’s ability to move forward into the future. Deployed properly, ICTs can help to reduce carbon usage and promote sustainability, support better delivery of public services to all Europeans, create jobs and equip Europe’s workforce for the 21st century economy, and enhance Europe’s ability to compete in the global marketplace. The Joint Industry Paper identifies 7 key areas in which urgent action is needed in order for Europe to fully reap the benefits of ICT.

To access the text of the Paper click on the following link: Industry Partnership Contribution to the Spanish Presidency Digital European Strategy


Table of Contents

    • Executive Summary in EN, ES, DE and FR


    • Introduction/Foreword


1. Productivity and Growth – ICT Supporting European Industry

2. Sustainability

3. Creative Content in The Digital World

4. Trust

5. Participation for All

6. Trade/Market Access

7. Reduction in Administrative Burdens


  • Contributors


To access EuroISPA’s Press Release on the matter click on the following link: Press Release – Joint Industry Contribution