Fraudulent eMail Warning

April 23, 2009


Don’t let the con artist burn your e-mail account

Many customers of ISPAI members have recently received e-mails purporting to have been sent from their ISP. These state that the customer’s connection has been detected as having sent spam or viruses or illegally downloaded music. (There are a number of different wordings in circulation). These go on to request various personal details such as your e-mail account, e-mail password, bank details, etc. supposedly so the ISP can reset your account to prevent this happening again.

These e-mails are scams! They have not been sent by your ISP. Your ISP will never ask you for passwords and such private data in an unsolicited e-mail. Do not be fooled. Do NOT respond to such e-mails. If in doubt, ask your ISP by telephoning their customer service desk or completing a query form on their support website. Never click to a support webpage connected by a link provided in such an e-mail.