EuroISPA Releases “Position Of Principles On Intellectual Property Rights”

October 18, 2010

EuroISPA has released a paper “Position Of Principles On Intellectual Property Rights” which summarises the principles adopted at the meeting of its Council of Member Associations held 23&24 September 2010 in Vienna.


1. EuroISPA believes there is a need to promote legal and innovative content services by tackling the root of the problem instead of treating the symptoms

2. The rule of law should prevail to ensure each party’s rights are protected

3. ISPs cannot be held liable for the unlawful actions of others

4. Technical enforcement: an inadequate answer to unlawful file-sharing and a threat to the open nature of the Internet and innovation

5. “Graduated response” presents major threats for key Fundamental Rights

6. One industry should not subsidise another industry’s weaknesses in adapting to the online environment

7. EuroISPA is open to discussion proportionate, reasonable and sustainable solutions


The full paper is available here