EU ISPs Concern at Clean IT’s Proposals to Counter Terrorist Ideals Being Promoted on the Internet


The Clean IT project is a controversial project carried out with the financial backing of the European Commission, aimed at tackling online terrorism through voluntary measures and ‘self-regulation’. In a recent leaked document, discussions which have taken place thus far appear to be contradictory to the original aims of the project, and ISPAI along with the other EuroISPA members, is sceptical as to the approach which the project now seems to be taking.

The draft recommendations made by the Clean IT Project so far have suggested a need for more liability and network surveillance (blocking/filtering) from ISPs. Some of the more worrying suggested proposals include:

  • ISPs to be liable for not making “reasonable” efforts to use technological surveillance to identify “terrorist” use of the Internet
  • Companies providing end-user filtering systems and their customers to be held liable for failing to report “illegal” activity identified by the filter
  • Governments should use the helpfulness of ISPs as a criterion for awarding public contracts
  • Removal of any legislation preventing filtering/surveillance of employees’ Internet connections
  • Companies should implement upload filters to monitor uploaded content to make sure that content that is removed – or content that is similar to what is removed – is not re-uploaded

EuroISPA have released a statement on the project, which ISPAI fully supports and may be viewed at

The website for Clean IT is