Changing Internet Governance? International Telecommunication Regulations Being Revised

October 31, 2012

The International Telecommunications Regulations will be up for discussion in Dubai in December at the World Conference on International Telecommunications (WCIT-12). Changes which are implemented as a result of these revisions will shape the regulatory environment of the Internet and telecommunications for the foreseeable future.

Some of the proposals put forward thus far would involve extending the jurisdiction of the ITU in relation to rules on international charging arrangements for Internet services; a framework for cybersecurity; requiring ISPs to disclose routing and other network management information to regulators and/or ITU; enabling the ITU to distribute domain names and IPv6 numbers and shifting responsibility for Internet standards toward the ITU and away from existing voluntary technical organisations.

ISPAI and our colleagues at EuroISPA believe that any amendments to the ITRs “should not undermine the success of the Internet, its open, competitive and innovative nature”.

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