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Information Paper: Issues Associated with Possible ISP Blocking of Illegal Child Pornography Websites

November 22, 2006

This Information Paper is the ISPAI response to the request made by Minister for Children, Brian Lenihan T.D., at the meeting held with the Association on 27th April 2006, to provide for consideration by his Department, an Information Paper providing details of the objectives and issues associated with possible ISP blocking of illegal child pornography (CP) websites on the Internet hosted in foreign jurisdictions that do not react to requests for their removal.

To access the text of the Information Paper click on the following link: Information Paper

Research of Internet Downside Issues

August 9, 2001


• 77% of parents surveyed feel their child knows more about using the Internet than they do

• 40% of children who use the Internet at home usually access it alone

• Mothers play a significantly larger role than fathers in supervising Internet use

• 25% of home PCs use software that restricts access to adult sites

• The level of supervision and rules imposed when children access the Internet at school is very high

• The level of supervision when children use the Internet at friends’ homes is very low

• 44% of parents cite access to pornography as the main negative aspect of Internet use among young children

• 62% of parents say they have discussed the potential dangers of Internet use with their child

• Only a small minority (14%) of children say they have accessed unsuitable material online

• The vast majority (86%) of parents feel they have primary responsibility for protecting their children online

• Schools are also considered to have a major role to play in teaching children to behave sensibly online

• Almost 7 in 10 parents surveyed would like more information on how to protect their children online

• Schools and Government are regarded as the key information providers

• 61% of parents agree that the positive aspects of Internet use outweigh the negatives



To access the text of the Research click on the following link: Internet Downside Issues