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Copyright Statutory Instrument *UPDATE

January 26, 2012


ISPAI welcomes Minister Sherlock’s announcement that a draft text of the proposed Satutory Instrument will be published today. However, this deserves adequate time for study and proper debate in the Dáil. The ISPAI is very concerned that hastily drafted and overly-broad wording would lead to uncertainty for Internet business – and that’s the last thing we need if Ireland is to develop as a centre for digital business with its related creation of jobs. (more…)


January 23, 2012


SOPA postponed


ACTA is alive and well and soon to be signed…

ISPAI very concerned at SOPA moves in U.S.

January 20, 2012


There is currently a lot of debate on legislative measures being proposed in various countries to stop people misusing the Internet to obtain copyrighted material without paying appropriate royalties. The latest to grab the headlines are the U.S. Stop Online Piracy Act and the Protect Intellectual Property Act currently before congress.

ISPAI has never in any way condoned copyright (more…)

Copyright Statutory Instrument

January 20, 2012


ISPAI Welcomes Minister’s Assurances that Forthcoming Statutory Instrument will not create a SOPA-like situation in Ireland

If a legal requirement exists for the introduction of a Statutory Instrument, ISPAI believes that this must be very carefully balanced to ensure that it does not (more…)