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EuroISPA’s Statement on Intellectual Property Rights Enforcement Directive

March 21, 2013


1- General Considerations

EuroISPA welcomes the opportunity to provide comments in the context of the public consultation on the efficiency of proceedings and accessibility of measures for civil enforcement of intellectual property rights. EuroISPA is the world’s largest association of Internet Services Providers (ISPs), representing over 1800 ISPs across the EU and EFTA countries. (more…)

ISPAI Reaction to NNI Assertions on Link Charges

February 20, 2013


Recently National Newspapers Ireland has made a statement “clarifying” their submission to the Copyright Review Committee Consultation. In this, they reiterate their assertion that payments ought to be made to a newspaper when another commercial entity provides links on their website to that paper’s online content.

ISPAI holds that links are fundamental to the (more…)

Call on EU President Barroso to Recognise Internet and Digital Economy as Driver of Economic Growth

November 12, 2012


EuroISPA, Cable Europe, ECTA, ETNO, and GSMA, have written to President Barroso in relation to the forthcoming Annual Growth Survey 2013 and provided him with our joint statement.

The signatories call on him to recognise the Digital Economy and our industry as THE main driver for European economic recovery by referencing it in the Annual Growth Survey. We firmly believe (more…)

EU Parliament Rejects ACTA

July 4, 2012


This morning the EU Parliament voted to reject ACTA. The result was 478 MEPs voted against ACTA, 39 were in favour of adopting it and there were 165 abstentions. Despite 22 EU member states including Ireland having signed the Agreement, this vote means it cannot now be ratified by any EU country. ISPAI recognises the need for international agreements to protect business from counterfeit goods and to deter piracy of copyrighted works but ACTA had (more…)

Copyright Statutory Instrument *Update

March 6, 2012


ISPAI is disappointed that the Government chose to ignore the ISP industry, many legal practioners and the large number of Internet users who asked that the Copyright SI should not be signed in its present form. However, he has done so and with Ireland being the European headquarters for many multinational Internet businesses, we are now just waiting for the first few test cases to be lodged. (more…)