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EuroISPA Regret the Failure of the World Conference on International Telecommunications (“WCIT”) to Agree New Treaty

December 14, 2012


EuroISPA, of which ISPAI is a member, regrets the failure of the World Conference on International Telecommunications (“WCIT”) to agree an acceptable new Treaty, and strongly supports the decision of EU Member States to refuse to sign up to an expanded scope for International Telecommunications Regulations (ITRs).

EuroISPA saw the WCIT as a chance to (more…)

Call on EU President Barroso to Recognise Internet and Digital Economy as Driver of Economic Growth

November 12, 2012


EuroISPA, Cable Europe, ECTA, ETNO, and GSMA, have written to President Barroso in relation to the forthcoming Annual Growth Survey 2013 and provided him with our joint statement.

The signatories call on him to recognise the Digital Economy and our industry as THE main driver for European economic recovery by referencing it in the Annual Growth Survey. We firmly believe (more…)

Changing Internet Governance? International Telecommunication Regulations Being Revised

October 31, 2012


The International Telecommunications Regulations will be up for discussion in Dubai in December at the World Conference on International Telecommunications (WCIT-12). Changes which are implemented as a result of these revisions will shape the regulatory environment of the Internet and telecommunications for the foreseeable future.

Some of the proposals put forward thus (more…)

EU ISPs Concern at Clean IT’s Proposals to Counter Terrorist Ideals Being Promoted on the Internet

October 25, 2012


The Clean IT project is a controversial project carried out with the financial backing of the European Commission, aimed at tackling online terrorism through voluntary measures and ‘self-regulation’. In a recent leaked document, discussions which have taken place thus far appear to be contradictory to the original aims of the project, and ISPAI along with the other EuroISPA members, is sceptical as to the approach which the project now seems to be taking. (more…)

EU Parliament Rejects ACTA

July 4, 2012


This morning the EU Parliament voted to reject ACTA. The result was 478 MEPs voted against ACTA, 39 were in favour of adopting it and there were 165 abstentions. Despite 22 EU member states including Ireland having signed the Agreement, this vote means it cannot now be ratified by any EU country. ISPAI recognises the need for international agreements to protect business from counterfeit goods and to deter piracy of copyrighted works but ACTA had (more…)