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Amendments to Dangerous Goods Regulations have been Rejected *UPDATE

October 31, 2013

  • Importantly, an amendment that sought to include online sales platforms as economic operators that have among others, the obligation to ensure goods comply with standards and regulations before they are made available on the market, was rejected (this would have also included an obligation to recall non-compliant products from the market, and destroy them). (more…)

Amendments Hijacking Dangerous Goods Regulations Raise Serious Online Rights Concerns

October 4, 2013

New EU regualtions, which if passed will be immediately imposed across all 28 member states, are designed to improve and streamline the system to ensure that consumers are protected from unsafe physical products turning up on store shelves. A very worthy objective.

However, recent amendments have been tabled at the committee stage to make these rules apply to online services. The tentacles of intellectual property (more…)

ISPAI Reaction to NNI Assertions on Link Charges

February 20, 2013

Recently National Newspapers Ireland has made a statement “clarifying” their submission to the Copyright Review Committee Consultation. In this, they reiterate their assertion that payments ought to be made to a newspaper when another commercial entity provides links on their website to that paper’s online content.

ISPAI holds that links are fundamental to the (more…)

EU Parliament Rejects ACTA

July 4, 2012

This morning the EU Parliament voted to reject ACTA. The result was 478 MEPs voted against ACTA, 39 were in favour of adopting it and there were 165 abstentions. Despite 22 EU member states including Ireland having signed the Agreement, this vote means it cannot now be ratified by any EU country. ISPAI recognises the need for international agreements to protect business from counterfeit goods and to deter piracy of copyrighted works but ACTA had (more…)

EU Parliament INTA Committee Rejects ACTA

June 21, 2012

No parliamentary groups proposed that INTA (the International Trade Committee of the European Parliament) should adopt ACTA with its current wording relating to online copyright infringement. An amendment was proposed to suspend the vote but this was rejected. The final vote was on the recommendation by the rapporteur for rejection of ACTA and this was carried 19 votes to 12 with no abstentions. (more…)