Awareness Campaign – ISPAI Service


The ISPAI Service was launched in November 1999, to provide an anonymous reporting service to members of the public who accidentally uncover Illegal content on the Internet, particularly Child Sexual Abuse Material or activities relating to the sexual exploitation of children.

The establishment of the Service within an Industry self-regulatory framework was one of the key recommendations of the Government’s Working Group on the Illegal and Harmful Use of the Internet, in 1998.

The operations and procedures of are overseen by the Office for Internet Safety (OIS) within the Department of Justice and Equality.

To provide a fast response to illegal material that is hosted outside the Irish jurisdiction, is a founding member of the International Association of Internet Hotlines INHOPE – which has grown, over the years, to a network of 44 Internet Hotlines in 38 countries across the globe.

If the public are encountering Child Sexual Abuse Material on the Internet and do not report it, neither the Industry nor Law Enforcement will know about it and therefore will not be in a position to act against this type of content.

Therefore, the Internet Service Providers’ Association of Ireland is keen that the Service should be known as widely as possible by Internet Users resident in Ireland, this is why Irish based organisations are encouraged to publicise the Service.


ISPAI grants permission to Irish based organisations to include the logo, with a link to website, on any Internet Safety Pages or similar references they might have on their website.


To assist this, the logo is available for download here.



*** The logo should be displayed on your Internet Safety Page or similar references that you might have on your website or in a visible position – encouraging everyone to get involved and report Suspected Illegal Content on the Internet. ISPAI recommends the display on an Internet Safety Page because it is the easiest way to prevent confusion among your customers regarding the aim of the Service.


*** In case you don’t have an Internet Safety Page or similar references on your website you could mention that you support and, in addition, include a link ( to the Internet Safety Page available on website. By doing so you will no longer need to create your own Internet Safety Page.


*** ISPAI would be grateful if we could disseminate a consistent representation of, thus please find attached the guidelines on the correct use of the logo. Recommendations on logo usage are available here.






NOTE!!! The ISPAI retains Copyright of the logo and reserves the right to refuse or revoke permission for its use by other persons or entities, where the Association believes the logo is being used in an context inappropriate to the promotion of a Safer Internet environment or is used to link to content other than the website itself.